Friday, July 22, 2005

Blastoff to the blogosphere

Who reads the welcome post? Presumably someone curious about the name of the blog. It makes less sense to me each time I think about it, but suffice to say it’s an attempt to capture the range of interests which I’ll be indulging here. Feel free to post if you happen to share some of them, or are eccentric enough to match them all (if the blog’s title means anything to you, you’re halfway there). I’d say feel free to read, but I can’t stop people doing that.

This page will hopefully see, inter alia, international affairs, domestic politics, book and film reviews, 40K and Tolkien speals, historical speculations, gems and dross of Chinese culture, Warcraft3 tactical debates and tracts of homespun fiction (the writer in me has been doing poorly since I arrived at law school, but he’s not quite dead yet). If I stick up more history than the rest, it’s because I get less chance to talk about it.

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Jeremy said...

Sounds interesting, I'll be sure to drop by from time to time. Your sitemeter referals log reveals that you got randomly picked to receive a wave of random blogger "next page" hits, you'll find that this goes in waves for some reason. It's really odd getting hits redirected from all sorts of bizzare and unrelated sites ;)