Monday, August 22, 2005


After a year of toil, tears and sweat (and almost blood, at times), the Student Representation Working Group has delivered a constitution for Melbourne Uni's new representative student body. A plebiscite is running on campus from 22-26 August in which students can aye or naye the incorporation of a new student union (UMSUI) on the basis of this document.

All this has been set out in emails from the Vice Chancellor and the University Secretary, but knowing how many people read their uni email and being a member of the SRWG, I felt obliged to spruik the process here. The constitution's text and a summary of significant changes from the old Union structure, along with polling details, can be found at the University Secretary's website.

On a personal note, the SRWG put in a great deal of work that involved extensive consultation with the student body and relevant stakeholders, all carried out under stringent procedural rules and in the face of substantial difficulties. Our standing orders and minutes of our all-too-numerous meetings can be found here.

We've done our best to iron out the structural and regulatory deficiencies that sunk MUSUI. Furthermore UMSUI has been designed with the prospect of VSU in mind, so whatever position you take on that thorny issue I encourage you to vote 'yes' for our new student union. You won't have to pay for it if you don't want to.
UPDATE 12:00 PM Monday 29/8/05
Referendum carried, 1052 to 188. Elections to follow.

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