Monday, September 12, 2005

Episode III: The Backstroke of the West

This is pretty old now, but for those who haven't seen it it's too good to miss. The stills are from a bootleg DVD of the latest Star Wars movie, with subtitles retranslated from the Chinese. Courtesy of

'This is where the fun begins'

'Let them pass between us'

'R2, do you read me?'

'Chancellor Palpatine, Sith Lords are our speciality'.

'General Grievous. You're shorter than I expected'.

'Runway dead ahead!'

'Fear of loss is the path to the Dark Side'.

'Jedi Council' = 'Presbyterian Church'

'Obi-Wan... May the force be with you'

'On the tenth level - thousands of battledroids'

'Stand back! I will deal with this Jedi slime myself'.

'Bring peace to the Galaxy'.

'I am more powerful than any Jedi has ever been'

'I have the high ground!'


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