Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Great Debate

It''s election season once again at Melbourne University. Exercise your democratic franchise - the one that those of us on the Working Group sat through an endless sequence of three-hour meetings over twelve months to give you - in the North Dining Room of Union House. Then pop outside for a snag and an eardrum rupture (today the Seedy Three, tomorrow who knows?).

Last Tuesday the Political Interest Society sponsored our traditional election debate, reinstated after the Union's year in the wilderness. This season's carnival featured Left Union (broad left coalition), the Liberals ('nuff said), Activate (the local greens), the ALP club (back from oblivion) and the Kung Fu Bandidos (power to the chilli!), not to mention the PIS's own Ken Courtis running as an independent. Of all the major tickets only Fusion failed to show - but seeing as half of them are Libs, it didn't really matter...

For those who don't know me personally I'm the Asian chap moderating, i.e. standing or sitting to one side of the speaker and trying to look important.

The independent candidate speaks his mind

Mister Demiris tells it as it is

The Green Left (otherwise known as Activate) sell their forests policy

The Kung Fu Bandidos' presidential candidate considers his response to a question about the size of his reproductive organs (I'm not kidding)

Sold, to the gentleman in the red t-shirt!

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John Lee said...

Hamish Malcolm, the PIS member who took the pictures in this post, has tragically passed away on the eve of his 26th birthday. Details of his funeral are available on the club website - all club members are welcome to attend.

A sad day for everyone in the Political Interest Society. RIP Hamish, we're glad for the time you spent with us.