Friday, January 20, 2006

It's official!

The Planet Express crew flies again! On no less authority than David Cohen (via Billy West), Futurama is returning to a primitive TV screen near you - in the form of not one, not three, but four feature-length direct-to-DVD movies, following the model trailblazed by Family Guy last year.

Of course if TV networks knew what was good for them, Futurama would be resurrected as a series and given the chance it was denied in the show's jumbled, widely-spaced and dismally scheduled original seasons. But I guess consistently high-rating reruns and smoking DVD sales didn't click for the studio that knows how to pick winners and drown them.

Memo to Fox: 'Bite my Shiny Metal Ass!'


Jim Woodcock said...

The network execubots will have the last word.

John Lee said...

*rolls dice*

"Prematurely-cancelled Emmy-winning animations are back!"

John Lee said...

on the off-chance anyone's still reading this (24 March 06)-
Good news, everyone! Billy West got it wrong when he said Futurama was returning as a TV series.

Wait, that's not good news at all...