Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lei Feng: The Next Generation

Your parents, assuming they grew up in China, were told to "learn from Lei Feng". Now you too should study this model revolutionary, because he represents the next thing in online gaming.

Learning From Comrade Lei Feng
is the wholesome alternative to the bloodthirsty offerings that dominate the net-savvy, socially challenged young-adult male market. Try something new, you jaded gamers, and enter a world where success is measured by good deeds rather than bodycounts. Admonish spitters, volunteer on building sites and help old people cross the street, in exchange for poorer clothes and (ultimately) the chance to meet Chariman Mao. Not that you violence-addicts will need to go cold turkey: you get to battle hidden agents and other counterrevolutionaries.

It looks like giving his life for socialism wasn't enough for Lei, who's been summoned with other ghosts of China's past - like Zheng He - to battle the wave of moral decay swamping China's present.
Canute, I hear the tide coming in...

Which game to play... hmmm... thinking...

Footnote: Lei Feng's been rolled out of his grave for some time now. See this three-year old post at Peking Duck comparing him with Horst Wessel (not an analogy I endorse).

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