Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Food for Thought

This venerable receptacle is the biscuit tin of the Political Interest Society. It's present at weekly meetings and has its own section in the club constitution. It also has the names of past presidents engraved on the inside of the lid, to which 'John Lee' will be added once I find time to visit the key-carving shop in Union House. Having passed my responsibilities into the capable hands of David Fettling, the tin will follow next Wednesday, when the committee elected at today's AGM get their tin-oriented inaugural.

When I arrived at Melbourne Uni five-plus years ago, I took next to no interest in politics. So the prospect of running a club dedicated to talking about politics - or spending varying chunks of my week sticking up opinions on the internet - didn't cross my mind. But to paraphrase a wise Hollywood character, you never know what you'll pick from life's chocolate box, especially when the box is a large and cosmopolitan university. That PIS is the only one of the thirteen-odd clubs I joined in O-week which I've remained involved in is the best testimony I can give to the society. I hope that future aspirants to the chattering class enjoy it as much as I have.

As we say, more than an unfortunate acronym.


Jeremy said...

Congrats on your tenure as president, thanks for all your work over the past (18? More?) months. It's been an enjoyable club to be a part of and you've had a lot to do with that.

Good luck in your future endeavours :).

David Fettling said...

I still say we should book a wall in Alice Hoy and get oil paintings done of all past PIS Presidents.

They're big shoes to fill, John. I add my thanks for your running of the club over the last year.