Saturday, December 23, 2006

Arrival (22-23 Dec)

Hamilton Island airport remains under construction...

... but who can blame them?

74 islands, out of the blue

Still, always read the fine print

Bushwalking with a difference

Up Dent Passage...

... a Daydream stopover...

... and then Abel Point

A bit more crowded than Cook found it

For those who missed the first sign

The local fauna gets more alarming

Fortunately, there are options for the less adventurous

Airlie is a backpacker's town...

... with all the conveniences

The Whitsundays - a new angle on life

More desktop confessions - I've joined the herd and put these on flickr as well...


-A. said...

And to think you could be stuck spending your summer dodging traffic in the city.

Enjoy your break - and watch out for the stingrays.

John Lee said...

that's how I was spending summer, till Friday. up here it's stingers rather than stingrays to watch for

enjoy your trip too, I'll be reading your blog