Saturday, January 13, 2007

Homeward Bound (Jan 7)

Maggie is the land that time forgot

Save for travel schedules

What fool leaves paradise...

... for civilisation?

Sundays are roaring in Townsville

Closeups of the RAAF base are easy to get

If you look more like a Japanese tourist than a terrorist

All good things must come to an end

And in Queensland, it's a quiet one


Shaun Lee said...

Hey nice pictures John. I can tell you've got the knack for photography by the professionalism in each composition. I especially like how your narratives for each flow from one the the next.

What sort of settings did you use for the camera?

And yes yes i've started a blog again for the umpteenth. i can here your sighs from all the way here in Perth hahaha. And sorry for the lack of original thought but i've borrowed the format of your blog's tagline for mine since i found it the most suitable.


John Lee said...

flattery will get you nowhere

I played around with exposure and semi-auto modes, ISO for night shots (the ship mast and the huts at night). the skinks and the hopper are taken in digital macro. Adjusted white balance for bright daylight (often) and fluoro/tungsten lighting

to confess, I touched all these up on the computer (brightness, contrast, saturation)

a link for your blog, sir? put up some pictures of Perth, then we'll have bracketed the country between us