Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy Birthday BFI!

This blog is one year old today. Looking back at the initial post, it's played out more or less as expected - a place to indulge my hobbies, exercise the intellect and rant about whatever most irked me in the week's news, with the subject of discussion one click away. It's become my own corner of Mr. Friedman's flattened world; a little patch of cybercommons that I hope to chew on for many years to come.

A selection of BFI's more memorable moments to date -

Iraq: Quo Vadis? - it didn't seem that things could get worse, but they did.

Race and Power: Tales of the South Seas - the first time this blog pissed someone off, at least that I'm aware of.

Diaried and Found Wanting - my take on Mark Latham's crash-and-burn.

White Australia Redux - Andrew Fraser gets the best comeuppance I can muster.

Death in the Lion City
- social commentary from the week before Van Nguyen's execution.

Mission: Beheading Action - up close and personal with the Chen Yonglin affair

Out of the Closet: The Dark Side of Narnia - standing up for the Inklings.

The Torture Question
- inspired by a PBS documentary.

Of Wheat and Weasel Words
- the state of the debate in an early phase of the AWB saga.

Sam the Meat Man - Eat red meat. Because Sam Neill says it's good for you.

ANZAC Day, Australia Day - this isn't the 'Australiana' piece picked up by Crikey, but it's the one I like more.

The Red Shadow of the Past - China's history gets the red carpet treatment. Swept under, that is.

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